How to Use this Site

I have tried to make the interface for this new site clear, clean and easy-to-navigate. I have also given readers using computers the ability to change views and to quickly select particular types of content to make their experience here enjoyable and productive. I’m sure you can figure these options out easily enough, but to save you some time, here’s how things work:

Click on the magnifying glass in the header to do a site-wide text search.

Click on the envelope in the header to send me a direct email.

When the site is in its default, tiled display mode, widening your window will allow three columns of tiles to show. Narrowing the window will eventually limit the tiles to two columns and then one.

Clicking on “NorCal Wine” in the header, on the “Home” menu or “All” under categories shows all articles on the site with a tiled interface, except for those categorized as “Wine 101.”

Clicking on “Classic Layout” under the “Home” menu shows the same articles, but in a single, scrolling column with photos on the left and text abstracts on the right.

Clicking on “Without Sidebar” under the “Home” menu shows the same articles in the tiled layout, but without the sidebar.

The “Articles” menu acts just like the “Home” menu, but also excludes “Wine of the Day” articles.

The “Wine of the Day” menu acts the same way, but shows only “Wine of the Day” articles.

The “Wine 101” menu provides direct access to specific tutorial articles. Those articles are accessible only via the “Wine 101” menu, 0r “Wine 101” in the “Categories” sidebar and the site search function.

Click on any word in the “Categories” sidebar to see articles only on that topic in the tiled with sidebar display mode. Clickable “Categories” buttons are also at the bottom of each article.

“Tag” buttons—there are more tags than categories—also appear at the bottom of each article.

I hope you enjoy the site and I look forward to your feedback.


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